Runs from Wednesday October 24 2018 to Saturday November 3 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hours and 30 minutes


Scotiabank Community Studio
345 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto ON M4M 2T1

Performance Notes


"There was like food on the counter.  With the food and people - It just felt like a cozy environment, kind of like a family dinner. Where you can sit down and like have a good discussion.  Like a back and forth discussion, you know what I mean?” – James, 21 years old, conservative

Co-authors Annabel Soutar, Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson, team up with director Chris Abraham, to create a thrilling theatrical response to the rise of extremism and tribalism in political discourse today. Since 2017, the play’s creative team has been curating and recording encounters in which four Canadians of wildly different ideological leanings face off and collectively confront the issues that most divide them. This new serialized documentary project premieres in Toronto with The Assembly: Episode 1.

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